DIS/CREADIS hires 142 new employees

DIS/CREADIS hires 142 new employees


DIS/CREADIS is developing rapidly and since January this year it has welcomed 142 new employees, and even more are on the way.



Even though COVID-19 is still affecting everyday life DIS/CREADIS has so far in the first half of 2021 hired 142 new employees. Employee growth is primarily seen in Denmark, Poland, and Spain within the professional areas; mechanical engineering, automation, electrical engineering, embedded and digital solutions as well as project management. DIS/CREADIS currently employs over 600 talented engineers globally.



- It is always a pleasure to welcome new employees. Despite a few projects that were put on hold, the corona situation has fortunately also created many new opportunities and DIS/CREADIS has managed to maintain the usual high level of activity. It has required additional help so that we can continue to deliver the product and quality that our customers demand and that we are known for, says Michael Gadeberg, founder of DIS/CREADIS.


To ensure that new employees are integrated and ready for their new work life at DIS/CREADIS, everyone is signed up for a unique buddy program.


- Every month we get new colleagues, and it is naturally important to us that all are received well. At DIS/CREADIS, we have a so-called Buddy program, where we match a new colleague with a more experienced DIS/CREADIS employee. Both are typically from the same department and have the same professional background. Here, the experienced colleague can then pass on both practical information, general experiences, and professional knowledge to the new colleague. The Buddy program is also a way for us to highlight the culture that is so important to DIS/CREADIS as a workplace, says Michael Gadeberg, who is looking forward to the prospect of being able to welcome even more employees in the coming months.



Further information:
Michael Gadeberg, founder of DIS/CREADIS, +45 87387450



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