End-to-end systems integration for
navigation aid solutions


CREADIS Wind Solutions provides end-to-end systems integration solutions for navigation aid systems. Our engineering efforts encompass the entire product development life cycle and the integration of components within the system. All activities and components are strategically sourced to balance cost without compromising quality.



This approach provides OEMs, owners, operators, and developers with a single source vendor for the entire navigation aid system. CREADIS has in-house SCADA capabilities as well as integration for remote operations and trouble shooting. CREADIS also has experience developing products in accordance with IALA, ICAO, FAA, OSHA.

As the wind industry continues to grow and manufacturers debut larger and more powerful turbines, the need for experienced resources also grows. Manufacturers and owners will dedicate experienced subject matter experts to development, operations, and maintenance services so they can evolve with the growing industry. Understanding new standards, regulations, and WTG technology can provide a competitive advantage.



Navigation aid systems are one of many wind turbine sub-systems that are getting increasingly complex with more interfaces than ever. These systems play a major role in protecting aircraft pilots and passengers when they travel in close proximity to wind turbines. Dimming requirements and changes in regulations are creating new demands.



Navigation aid systems must also be flexible for future changes to the product and are designed for manufacturing, installation, and service.