The Army Painter’s new custom-made machine efficiently enhances the production of small paint bottles and provides new global sales opportunities.


To be able to respond to market demands and to increase competitiveness, The Army Painter needed to streamline production processes.
The company supplies small paint bottles for the gaming and hobby industry, and up until the cooperation with DIS started, the paint filling and labelling was done manually. The Army Painter needed a more innovative and scalable solution and got in touch with DIS’ department for custom-made equipment and machinery, which since has been a partner all the way from analysis, consultation and design to production, installation, commissioning and maintenance training.


Production efficiency
For this engineering development task DIS delivered a custom-made machine consisting of standard units combined with special equipment, which fully automated fills the paint in 150 different colors and viscosities into two different sized bottles.


Before the machine was installed, five operators produced the required items, now the production line operated by one person produces 11.000 finished items per shift. The fully automated machine handles many different batches and colors daily, which results in many shifts.


New customers and opportunities
The development of a brand-new custom-made machine is a complex task, and the new technology also posed some challenges during the start-up phase and the commissioning of the machine.


- Our production has become much more efficient, but the complexity of the new machine was greater than expected, and the first year we learned a lot, while it was also a difficult time. But throughout the project we have experienced a good cooperation and great willingness from DIS, to solve the challenges and in hindsight, it has definitely been worth it all. We have received several interesting inquiries, and now we deliver paint to Disney for their pre-packaged kits for some of their famous games – a task we would not have been able to take on before, says Bo Penstoft, CEO at The Army Painter.


Photo: The Army Painter