Our recruitment process ensures that we meet all candidates in a dignified, respectful and professional manner and that all applicants are treated individually and confidentially. We aim for a high level of information for the candidates in the recruitment process and we respect the deadlines.


Screening process
Initially, we will screen your application, CV and other relevant documents. We will look at your previous work experience, career pattern, education, results, etc. The most important thing will be, if we will be able to evaluate if the vacancy matches your personal and professional qualifications. In addition, we also want to get a feel for you as a person before choosing the candidates who will be invited for an interview.


If we see a potential match between your skills and the vacant position, we will invite you for an interview. During the interview, we will expect to learn more about you and your qualifications. We will want to know about your past experiences, your

motivation, your results and your expectations for your potential new role at DIS/CREADIS. We will ensure that the dialogue is open and honest, as we will base our decision on this dialogue. Of course, to give you the opportunity to assess whether the job matches your expectations, we will also tell you about DIS/CREADIS and the role and department you are interviewed for.


Sometimes, we will want to have references from your previous employment to learn more about your results and cooperation. You will probably be asked during or after your interview for relevant references. Of course, references are only contacted after agreement with you to do so.


If you are offered a job at DIS/CREADIS, your new manager will contact you directly and we will following send you an employment contract. Once the contract is signed, you will receive information about your startup at DIS/CREADIS.






If you have any questions about the recruitment process, please contact our HR department:


+45 87 38 74 50